So, a little while ago I was at a friends house, having dinner with their Mum and their Mum’s friend. Talk turned to how the Mum’s daughter was halfway through a degree and was considering dropping out.


“Maybe you, Brianna, could explain why so many young people drop out these days?”


Everyone turns to me.


You know the scene of the Smug Married Couples from that altruistic transcendential white girl trash bible film ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’?


While I applaud my friend’s Mum’s ability to so astutely align the biting reality of my life with the fantasy of Bridget’s, I was a tad taken aback. So I said;


“Um, well, would you like me to speak to High School or University drop outs? Cause I’m both so I represent all of us.”


A week or so later, when I told this story to my Psychiatrist at the time, this is what she did.


*cut away to Psychiatrist typing at Computer, glasses on. ‘yess yes yes, have you seen, Grease? No. Hmm, continue turns computer around I suggest we watch this.*


And in honour of that noble act of a tertiary educated woman.


Here is my recreation


Of beauty school drop out.


Hit it


lights to black


everyone is played by me


back steps from our porch is used as the stairs


(should I change the lyrics to read to my situation? IDK)



*an after note: if you’re looking for an AWESOME song about the struggles and challenges of higher education and dropping out, check out the Linnamon Roll’s ‘Just Breathe’ from the Tony Award winning musical ‘In the Heights’ sung by Mandy Gonzales WINK






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