An Update

I don’t mean for this to be formal, just some things that have been buzzing around my head of late. I’ve worked a 30 hour work week this week for the first time in literal years and its kind of… a lot. I also hit my head TWICE whilst at work in the SAME WAY. I will probably never learn but hey there’s a Department of Health and Safety report with my name on it now so that’s something. All I want is to sleep and eat and listen to the Greatest Showman (cause I gotta say that is a Musical on steroids and I don’t hate it. Also, in the words of an old family friend, when it comes to Hugh Jackman ‘That man is HUGE’) I still have another shift tomorrow, so we shall see how that goes, but its a later start so I’m tricking myself into relaxing thinking it won’t be as hard. Which has worked, surprisingly.

I have a savings goal and a Supa fund and passion projects and now that I’m doing more adulting things do it really brings to the forefront that I’ve been comparing myself to the twenty-somethings I’ve been watching since I was 15, when they were dealing with the challenges that come with a different life stage to the one I was at.

My YouTube sub box has been flipping GREAT of late. I’ve found a) smaller youtubers who b) I REALLY like. I’m not great at interacting online in an unplanned way unless I have a tonne of time on my hands, but finding channels like these really make me want to make it a priority.

I’m learning Dutch on Duolingo for *retracted* reasons. Due primarily to the beauty of in-game currency I am on a 24 day streak, and can confidently say ‘de schildpadden heb een honger’ (the turtles are hungry- didn’t even have to check my vocab list).

Oh, I dunked my FitBit (which I’ve quite enjoyed using) in a few gallons of water so it is safe to say it is now resting behind pearly gates. This has lead to my being initiated into the joys of EBAY BIDDING – a game with many highs and lows that I think I should only enter into in moderation as I’m highly likely to get VERY addicted to it. I can add it to my 2018 list of adulting-virginities lost, which currently consists of online ticket booking (in a related note, some time late next year I will be seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Melbourne with a surprise guest – surprise because no one knows what they’re doing in a years’ time). 

And, that’s what you missed on Glee. 

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