My Sex & Death Positivity Tray

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A collection of objects I lay out on a silver platter next to my desk to remind me to be my best sex and death positive self, and remind me of my avid curiosities.

Here are the Characters that lead the Display from Front and Centre. 

Meet Beatrice. Bouncy, full of life, androgynous. They’re my handy-dandy squeezable boob that’s always down for a good time, whether I’m stressed or otherwise inclined. Okay, for real, I bought this stress-ball boob at the local Carnival after I’d just moved to our new town. I’m so pleased with Beatrice. They cost me $4.00 and my only regret is I didn’t buy at least a matching pair. 10/10 would Beatrice again. Sadly, there were only white specimens available. If anyone knows of a place to get black or brown squeezy boobs I would be most obliged. Just look at that Areola!

This is Fred. Another anatomical pal without inherent gender. Sculpted from clay I found whilst swimming in our family lake. They were the first addition to the Sex & Death Tray – and they set a high standard.

CRAFTED BY THE ONE, THE ONLY, DR. DOE OF SEXPLANATIONS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. My boyfriend bought me this. I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it….


Now we enter into the Death Positivity Arena. These are cattle teeth I found in a nearby paddock and pried from an old skull. Fun country times. Look at those dentures though…

The Cattle Strike Again in the Name of Death positivity. Just a couple of vertebrae and an unnamed bone. I was wondering today if I ground up these they could be a source of calcium? Probably not.

Aaaand… after that brief intermission we’re back with ORIGAMI VAGINAS, they come in all shapes and sizes, quite literally. Also providing a fun opportunity to play ‘find the clit’ any day of the week.

We continue this delve into pornigami with a range of penises for your perusal. From left to right (queer, circumsised white, uncircumsised black, circumsised brown).

Also, Pornigami Love surrounded by ornamental Cupid-sized dicks. Enough said there really.

Next, an item close to my heart. Its a brochure with the exact same branding as the one I was given when I had the HPV vaccine age 13. Funnily enough, it didn’t go onto my medical record for some unknown reason, but I distinctly remember it, and this brochure is reaffirming proof, as well as making me happy that this is a free government run initiative in high schools nationally.

And now…. what you’ve all been waiting for. My arrangements of these sex and death objects, and more… sadly out of focus because I didn’t adjust the camera properly BUT STILL VERY HIGH QUALITY.

Sex has so many different facets, which is why there are so many different objects associated with it and used during before, or after it. If you look at the components of Gender and Sexuality as well, you’re looking at a beautiful multi-faceted component of human life. One of my sincerest ambitions is to become a sex educator one of these days. And you can bet I’ll be bringing my Sex & Death Positivity tray in with me.

I’m still lacking in the Death Positivity department. I was introduced to the concept by Caitlyn Doughty, who has written two books and is an Alternative Mortician. Any recommended reading, listening or watching on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Twitters, instagrams and Tumblrs count!

Here’s to a very Sex and Death Positive Evening for you all.

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